PRO-ACTIVE Animal rescue organisation.

We believe that all animals deserve a 2nd or 3rd chance so we will never put an animal down due to not being able to find them a forever home. We are realistic though, and when an animals life is insufferable due to illness, injuries etc, we will give them a loving passing on.

We live and operate mainly from home, a beautiful plot in Sir Lowrys Pass, Gordonsbay. All rescued animals come straight into my home, where they are evaluated for injuries and sicknesses. They are then treated and placed into foster homes where they have the opportunity to be part of a loving family. Our animals do not sit in cages as we do not have premises but also because that is not our vision.

Our Focus:

We focus on impoverished townships where people have little or no income and cannot give their animals the medical care they need. We try to improve the lives of these disadvantaged animals by providing the following:

  • Sterilisation – mass sterilisation campaigns to curb abuse and unwanted litters of animals that directly lead to neglect.
  • Vet Care (medication: de-worming, dipping, inoculations, tick & flea treatment, etc.) We have a dedicated vet assisting us at welfare rates.
  • Emergencies (operations, stitches, blood tests, cancer treatment, euthanasia – only in extreme cases of pain or sickness).
  • Provision of food and shelter for animals
  • Educating children & adults regarding pet-care and discouraging abuse
  • Rescuing & re-homing those animals that are unwanted, unloved or lost.

Meet The Pets Team

Anoux Massey

I am 44 years old and I am the founder of PETS (2006).

I am originally from Pretoria but have been residing in CPT for over 20 years. I studied Fine Art and Accounting, but 14 years ago I decided to quit my day job and focus only on my organisation.

I have been married for 19 years and have 2 biological children aged 8 and 13 and an adopted daughter of 22. I never own less that 13 animals. My vision is to save on by one, until there are none.

“rescuing one animal might not change the world, but for that one animal the world is changed forever”

Janene van Rensburg

I was born an animal lover and my whole life been helping and saving animals in need. I was fortunate enough to start fostering for P.E.T.S animal rescue about 6 years ago. I gradually got more involved and equipped to foster more animals at once. I now have a bottlebaby nursery, a quarantine area for contagious animals and to have pups between 5-10 weeks.

Together with my 10 rescue dogs I also foster up to 5 in the house 10 weeks and older. Rescue animals coming from horrific circumstances I had to learn quickly about diseases, Healthcare, animal behavior, animal rehabilitation and treatments through my numerous vet visits and experiences.

From me P.E.T.S find other fostermoms to take over and or forever homes. I also volunteer with sterilization days, rescues, fetching animals in townships for vet visits if the owners arent able, advising fostermoms, administering vaccinations and making sure all the animals that comes through me is well looked after. I will help whenever with whatever I can to the best of my capabilities.

Ambrocia Massey

She is now 22 years old, but has been has been helping me with rescued animals since she was 6 years old. She is often first line of defence and has to do the initial bathing, deworming, de-fleaing and does the first health checks.


Has been with us for 12 years. He is as much a part of our family as he is a integral part of PETS. His ability to work with the rescue animals is inspiring. He often is the only person that a sick or extremely scared dog will allow near them. He is always ready to help.

There is no time too late or early for him to be called upon in an emergency. There is no job too bog or small. He is kind and soft hearted and the animals trust him a lot.

Up for Adoptions

Happy ENdings

Remington's Story

I am on an animal rescue community group and received a distressing message about a dog that had been hit by a car. I immediately responded. When I saw him lying on the side of the road I was not sure if he was a live or not. As I approached him I could see him taking shallow breaths. He has been lying in the sun so long
that his eyes, ears and tongue was covered in flies. He was in a lot of pain. He was a very large dog and I had to wait until a willing passerby agreed to help lift him into my car. I took him to our vet, but I assumed that we would get the worst news and that we would have to put him down.

The vet called and told us that his hip was very badly shattered and he had some internal bleeding but if we were able to secure funding for his operations, they were sure he would pull through and be ok. Fundraising started immediately. Before we even knew if we could afford it, we agreed to treatment.

He spent about a week at the vet post opp and was then taken into foster care where he needed 6 weeks of cage rest and intense physio therapy. His foster family, who are are a big part of PETS put in 100% dedication to his recovery. It was a slow go and a very expensive one, but today Remington is the most amazing, gentle older boy (still waiting for his forever home). He has come leaps and bounds and enjoys play time, walks, some short runs and swimming in the dam. He has shown a strong will to live and to be part of a family that would like a big breed, soft hearted dog. He is about 5 years old and still has a long life that he can share with a understanding and loving family.

Berkley & Mali's Story

Berkley (under a year old) was rescued on the 19th of May this year. She was living in absolute squalor, with 5 other dogs of varying ages and breeds. They were severely neglected and abused (hit and kicked). They were not fed and were completely ridden with mange ticks and fleas.

Worse than the physical state they were in, is the MENTAL mess they were experiencing.

These 6 dogs were so terribly scared of people that they were biting and crying and hiding behind anything that they could find. You could under no circumstances even pick up a broom to clean near them.

Their skins were so bad that they were bleeding and scratching and howling with pain.

Some of the dogs were moved to other foster centres, but Berkely is still with us, her original rescue stop.

It took over a month just to be able to really touch them to show them love. Their pack mentality was beautiful yet heart wrenching to watch. They adored and trusted each other and would lie on one heap all option of each other just to feel safe. We have put in A LOT of love and time into Berkely.

Berkley has a best friend Mali (a male just over a year and a half old) and they get along really, really well, but she doesn’t seem to take to other dogs (lots of barking etc, no biting). We have to be realistic that they will probably really struggle to find a home together :((

“Berkels” is an active and loving dog. She has lots of energy but also loves to cuddle sleep and play. She has been leash trained. She is spayed and vaccinated.

She is a good witch dog BUT is not to be used as one. It only means she is alert and will let you know if someone is about that should not be. She is not a habitual barker that would irritate your neighbours.

She is so ready to be adopted. She has walked a long road and we did our best to equip her for a new life.

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No amount is too small, it all adds up and makes our work possible. We also provide section 18A tax certificates on request.

Banking Details

PETS Standard Bank
Branch Code: 033012
Account Number:  277408695

If you do decide to set up a monthly debit order or donate monthly via EFT, please be so kind as to drop us a quick email to let us know the date it will go off monthly, the amount and use your name as a reference so we can track it to be able to thank you.

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"Rescuing one animal might not change the world, but for that one animal the world is changed forever!"
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