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Gender: Male
+/- Date of Birth: 2009
+/- Breed: GSD X
+/- Size when grown: Large
General: Badger is a 4 year old GSD x who was adopted by his current owners a year ago. Unfortunately he cannot stay at his current home as he is fighting with the other animals and despite his family's best efforts in consulting behaviourists he has not improved. Badger is a very loving dog who clever and well behaved. He is possessive and therefore shouldnt be rehomed with other animals. He is an active boy who loves to play ball and his best activity is swimming. He loves human company and does not like being left alone for too long.
Area: Lonehill
Sterilised: yes
Innoculated: yes
Date Joined: August 2013
Adopt Me
Located in: Dog-a-Log JHB