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Gender: Female
+/- Date of Birth: 2008/2009
+/- Breed: mix
+/- Size when grown: Large
General: : Nakita was rescued some good Samaritans found a man on a bicycle dragging her with cable around her neck. He then got off his bicycle and proceeded to kick her senseless. The cops were called as well as the SPCA and PETS. The man in turn received a beating of his life :-) However, not before he could do some serious damage to this poor defenseless girl. She received urgent veterinary care and had to have an emergency hysterectomy because her insides were so badly damaged. Her whole abdomen and stomach was bruised and infected. Her teeth were also broken from him kicking her. A case has been laid with the SPCA. Not only physically hurt but she is emotionally broken and has a tough time trusting people. However, she is a VERY loving girl and is even playing now with the other foster dogs. She is slowly getting used to people and will allow you to touch her if you do so slowly. She will make a wonderful addition to any home but needs a home that will be kind and patient with her and that has other dogs she can bond and play with.
Area: Blairgowrie
Sterilised: yes
Innoculated: yes
Date Joined: August 2012
Adopt Me
Located in: Dog-a-Log JHB