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Gender: Male
+/- Date of Birth: February 2012
+/- Breed: GSDx
+/- Size when grown: Large
General: He is the very definition of a dog. He's loyal, loving, attentive, playful, good & he just wants to be with people. He is very alert too! Danny is a very sweet and soft natured boy. He is not that big, he comes to about just under your knee. Him and his 2 siblings were rescued when they were just 4 weeks old. He is very shy at first and a bit nervous but will warm up quickly if you are just patient with him and give him the space to come to you. Danny is a metro man and very much in touch with his feminine side. He a soft boy, both inside and out. He will place his little paw on your arm to attract your attention and to let you know it is cuddle time. He loves being around people and sleeping at your feet. He is active when he has other doggie friends to play with and is great around dogs, cats and kids! He is a perfect baby for anybody who loves a soft boy.
Area: Randburg
Sterilised: yes
Innoculated: yes
Date Joined: April 2012
Adopt Me
Located in: Dog-a-Log JHB